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Batch Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-1)

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100 kg/h
processing speed
qty of cycles of processing per day
5 kW
380 volt
power consumption
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Batch Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-1) converts:

1. Rubber, used tires
2. Plastic, polypropylene bag (big bag), film
3. Hydrocarbon-based drilling sludge
4. Brine-based drilling sludge
5. Oil sludge
6. Drilling muds
7. Waste oil


  • built-in air cooling system => cools pyrolysis gas,  additional cooling is not required.
  • auxiliary chiller => increases yield   by lowering  the water temperature in cooling system down to 12°C
  • overall dimensions of 20 ft. sea container makes the plant easily transportable and facilitates the installation process considerably; small plant size is ensured by the absence of cooling towers, which also requires make up water circulation
  • diameter of the loading door is 800 mm, which allows utilizing big clots and stones

The process is based on pyrolysis principle, which is thermal destruction in the condition of oxygen deficit.  The product of the process is marketable and complies with RF standards.

Usage of the product derived from carbonhydrate based raw materials:

  • dry residue (Hazard class 4) is used as asphalt filler and in construction.
  • heat of the process is recovered and used locally
  • RDF (liquid refuse derived fuel) fuel is used =>

=> as a low grade fuel in boiler units

=> can be separated in the column (option) for producing fuel of higher quality, gasolin, etc.

  • pyrolytic gas is used for the heating in the process.

Usage of the product derived from brin-based raw materials:

  • distilled water =>

=> is used for drilling solution preparation

=> is used as process water after water purification system (option)

=> is used as  drinking water after water purification  and mineralization systems (option)

  • dry residue (Hazard class 4) is used as asphalt filler and concrete additives
  • heat of the process is recovered and used locally


1. Feedstock is loaded into pyrolysis reactor on the tray through wide loading door. The raw materials are indirectly heated without oxygen access and the process of thermal decomposition starts.
2. The chamber is heated by combined gas-liquid burner installed in the furnace.
3. The pressure in the chamber is controlled by the temperature.

!! On system startup the diesel oil is used. 

4. Fuel is self-fed from fuel tank to the burner.
5. Air is fed to the burner while operating on diesel or boiler fuel.
6. Temperature rise is kept even amd smooth, 2-3 °C per second. The begining of the process is determined by pressure rise in the chamber and by temperature rise in the heat exchanger to the set volume.
7. After process stabilizing the burner is swithed to the pyrolytic gas, air compressor is off.
8. Vapour and gas mix from pyrolysis chamber is fed to the condensation system through gas filter.
Pyrolysis process UTD-19. Air is fanned to the filter jacket for cooling the mixture. Condensate is drained through bottom valve to the drum.
10. The further cooling of the mixture is carried out in the heat exchanger by recirculation
11. Water is cooled by air cooler unit.
12. From heat exchanger the product is fed to the gas-liquid separator where flows are separated:

=>  Liquid fuel. Liquid fuel is drained through bottom nozzle to receiver from where it is directed to the storage tank.

=>  Gas. At the separator’s bottom water is drained, the gas is directed to the burner.

13. Dry residue. Dry residue is discharged through wide loading door, when the decomposition process is completed and the pyrolysis chamber is cooled to 30-40 °C.


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Batch Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-1)

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