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Thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon waste

IPEC is a company with more than 10-year experience in handling organic wastes. The scope of its activities lies in treatment of organic wastes of different types with recovery of liquid fuel, biochar and gas. In 2012 the company joined the Safe Technologies Industrial Group.

IPEC experts together with Safe Technologies personnel developed and manufactured the pyrolytic Thermal Decomposition Plant at the Safe Technologies’ production facilities (ST-Arsenal workshop).

The equipment is dedicated to the processing of organic wastes of any type: oil sludge, plastic, rubber, polyethylene, etc.

The process is based on pyrolysis principle, which is thermal destruction in the condition of oxygen deficit. The equipment features deeper level of processing and higher environmental safety in comparison with existing counterparts. The plant does not produce contaminating emissions.

Thermal Decomposition Plant is efficient at processing drilling waste and oil sludge. Recycling of tyres and rubber containing waste also shows high rates of investment efficiency since there is innumerable amount of raw material. Processing of plastic and other hydrocarbon materials at the pyrolytic Thermal Decomposition Plant is also possible.

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