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Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2-800)

Technical characteristics

800-1500 kg/h capacity

continuous operation batches per day

35 kWh power consumption

380 volt voltage
  • oil sludge
  • drilling sludge
  • acid sludge
  • coal, coal-tar
  • The process is based on low-temperature pyrolysis, involving the use of heat to thermally decompose the feedstock in the condition of oxygen deficit. Marketable products are obtained as a result of the processing of raw materials.

    Usage of the product derived from hydrocarbon (organic) materials:

    • Boiler fuel =>

    => used for its intended purpose

    => used to obtain gasoline, diesel fuel fraction when additional equipment (distillation column) is supplied

    • Dry residue is used for local, construction and reclamation needs
    • Heat produced during the process (about 150 kWh) is used for the room heating
    • Pyrolysis gas is used for the plant operation

    Usage of the product derived from water-based materials:

    • Distilled water =>

    => used for drilling mud preparation

    => used as process water when installing the system of additional purification

    => used as drinking water when installing the system of additional purification and mineralization

    • Dry residue is used for local, construction and reclamation needs
    • Heat of the process (about 150 kWh) is used for the room heating


    • minimum air emissions
    • unique exclusive technology for continuous processing of drill cuttings, regardless of their composition
    • low energy consumption – 35 kW
    • PRODUCTIVITY – 800-1500 kg/h
    • rational use of a valuable resource – the energy component of waste (used as an alternative energy source)
    • lack of supply/handling of water is provided by a cooling system closed loop
    • perfect automated control system operated automatically or manually from the operator’s control panel
    • mobility:

    – plant is installed on its own chassis

    – overall dimensions – two 40 ft. containers

    • operators – 2 people
  • TDP-2-800 process description:

    1. Raw material are fed to the pyrolysis chamber on continuous mode:

    => solid waste by screw conveyor;

    => liquid waste by pump.

    2. Boiler fuel or diesel oil is self-fed to the burner from fuel tank.

    3. Air is fed to the burner by compressor, which is switched to the pyrolysis gas after the process is stabilized.

    4. Vapor-gas mixture from pyrolysis chamber comes to the condensation system through gas filter.

    TDP-2-800 process flow diagram

    5. The further cooling is carried out in a heat exchanger.

    6. Water is cooled in air coller unit or in chiller.

    7. The cooled mix enters the separator where it split up on fractions:

    => pyrolysis oil is directed to the receiver tank;

    => pyrolysis gas is directed to the buster burners.

    8. Solid residue is discharged by screw conveyor, cools in hopper and transported to the storage bin.

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