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Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2-800)

Technical characteristics

800-1500 kg/h capacity

continuous operation batches per day

35 kW power consumption

380 volt voltage
  • oil sludge
  • drilling sludge
  • acid sludge
  • coal, coal-tar
  • The process is based on low-temperature pyrolysis principle, which is defined as an endothermic process, also referred to as cracking, involving the use of heat to thermally decompose carbon-based material in the condition of oxygen deficit.

    Usage of the product derived from hydrocarbon-based materials:

    • Dry residue (Hazard class 4) is used as asphalt filler and in construction
    • Heat of the process is recovered and used locally
    • Pyrolytic fuel is used as  =>

    => low grade fuel in boiler units

    => fuel of higher quality, such as diesel*

    • Pyrolytic gas is used for the heating in the process

    Usage of the product derived from brine-based materials:

    • Distilled water is used as =>

    => drilling solution preparation

    => process water**

    => drinking water***

    • Dry residue (Hazard class 4) is used as asphalt filler and concrete additives
    • Heat of the process (about 150kW) is recovered and used locally

    *Subject to provide rectification column

    **Subject to provide purification system

    ***Subject to provide purification and mineralization systems

  • TDP-2-800 process description:

    1. Raw material are fed to the pyrolysis chamber on continuous mode:

    => solid waste by screw conveyor;

    => liquid waste by pump.

    2. Boiler fuel or diesel oil is self-fed to the burner from fuel tank.

    3. Air is fed to the burner by compressor, which is switched to the pyrolysis gas after the process is stabilized.

    4. Vapor-gas mixture from pyrolysis chamber comes to the condensation system through gas filter.

    UTD-2-800 process flow diagram

    5. The further cooling is carried out in a heat exchanger.

    6. Water is cooled in air coller unit or in chiller.

    7. The cooled mix enters the separator where it split up on fractions:

    => pyrolysis oil is directed to the receiver tank;

    => pyrolysis gas is directed to the buster burners.

    8. Solid residue is discharged by screw conveyor, cools in hopper and transported to the storage bin.


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