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Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP)

Technical characteristics

300 kg/h capacity

3 batches per day

15 kWh power consumption

380 volt voltage

Removal of scale, corrosion, leftovers of old coatings/paint materials, oils and emulsions, petroleum residues:


  • oil sludge
  • The process is based on low-temperature pyrolysis, involving the use of heat to thermally decompose the feedstock in the condition of oxygen deficit, cleaning the surfaces of metal products from organic.


    • effective cleaning of various types of metal from all types of organic pollutants
    • complete removal of persistent corrosion and deposits
    • elimination of the metal products integrity damage
    • environmental safety of technology => releases of hazardous substances to the environment are excluded
    • lack of material costs for the purchase of components of cleansing mixtures
    • minimum amount of waste at the outlet
    • low energy intensity
  • TCP Process Description:

    TCP process flow

    1. Metal products placed on a tray are loaded into the firing chamber.
    2. Metal products heating takes place in the firing chamber.
    3. Reaching the operating temperature.
    4. Flue gases formed in the process of burning metal products enter the afterburning chamber.
    5. After cooling, the flue gases are removed by the exhauster through a chimney.
  • Pipe Thermal Cleaning Plant
    Cleaning metal from paint plant
    Metal cleaning equipment
    Pipe thermal cleaning


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