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Continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-800 for processing coke industry waste shipped to the Customer


Continuous pyrolysis plant TDP- 2-800 for processing coke industry waste shipped to the CustomerIPEC sent continuous pyrolysis unit TDP-2-800 to the customer OOO Stroyengineering (Novokuznetsk). Shipment was made just two months after signing the contract for the manufacture, supply and installation of the equipment. Installation time at the site will be kept to a minimum, thanks to the build quality of TDP-2-800: three modules fit into the dimensions of a standard 40 ft’ containers. Such design also facilitates the transportation of the equipment.

Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-800 will operate as part of an industrial complex for processing of coal washing refuse, coke and by-product process waste into oil, fuel additives and carbon sorbents. The key task of the Complex is processing of so-called tar pits, areas of accumulation of chemical-recovery coal carbonization waste. Now, these ponds are located in the critical vicinity of the city and constitute environmental hazard.

Waste treatment at pyrolysis plant TDP-2 is currently the only available method for the utilization of coal-tar industry waste, which allows extracting valuable secondary product from it. The effectiveness of the method confirmed by the test conducted at industrial site of BTA plant where IPEC production facilities are concentrated. Test batch of raw material processed has yielded positive results.

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