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Disposal and Recycling of Sewage Sludge: Drying and Pyrolysis at TDP-2


Today almost a third of the world’s population is experiencing a shortage of such a vital resource as water. Sustainable water management, including efficient water treatment technologies, is an urgent need.

However, according to modern technologies, wastewater treatment plants, returning pure water to nature, generate wastes, the most unpleasant of which are activated sludge, spent or surplus, which together form sewage sludge. […]

IPEC offers the most efficient and environmentally friendly way for sludge treatment – sludge drying in the continuous pyrolysis unit TDP-2 with an additional rector. This process is not accompanied by the formation of pyrolysis fuel. Its product is a carbonized hydrophobic biochar, which is confirmed by the results of a number of tests conducted at the company’s production site.

Read the article ‘Wastewater Treatment Plants Challenge – Excess Sludge’ 

Authors: Konstantin Ladygin, Semyon Stompel.
The article ‘Wastewater Treatment Plants Challenge – Excess Sludge’ was published in the journal “ECOENG” issue 19, 2019.
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