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Electronic waste processing on thermal decomposition technology


The hero of the action movie, throwing out a mobile phone after each conversation, should not think about what happens to the gadget according to the scenario. Meanwhile, it is not alone: around 160 million mobile phones are thrown out annually in the world, and this is not a movie, but only a drop in the sea of WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

By historical standards, e-waste is the youngest type of waste. The EU directive, for the first time systemically providing the WEEE turnover, was adopted only in the 1980s. Despite the fact that the total amount of electronic waste in the world does not exceed 5% of the total, the technological, environmental and financial challenges created by this type of waste are very significant.

Keywords: electronic waste treatment, WEEE, waste electronics recycling, e-waste recycling, waste electrical and electronic equipment

Read the article “Electronic waste (WEEE) thermal treatment: modern continuous pyrolysis technology”

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Article “Electronic waste (WEEE) treatment recycling using thermal decomposition technology” was published in the journal “Solid Municipal Waste”, №6, 2018.

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