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Motor Fuel Production Plant will be Presented at the Exhibition Ecology of Big City 2016!


At the exhibition, which will be held on April 6-8, IPEC will display a new complex of motor fuel production consisting of TDP-2-200 Plant and Fuel Distillation Assembly.

Pyrolysis fuel produced on TDP-2-200 is fed into the Distillation unit to be separated to synthetic gasoline and diesel fuel. The quality of the end product depends on the feedstock processed in the pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200. Columns are equipped with the structure packing designed and produced by Intarex Company, which is a member of the Safe Technologies IG.

State Ecology Expert body certificate confirms that the Thermal decomposition plant TDP-2 (low temperature pyrolysis) environmental impact lies within allowable by legislation range Nevertheless, it features new gas cleaning assembly with catalytic afterburner based on platinum catalysts, which purifies the emissions from contaminants thus raising the environmental safety of the plant to the new, previously unconceivable level.

At the exhibition, the specialists will answer the questions and give necessary information as well.

The address:

Petersburg highway 64/1, Saint-Petersburg
CEM Expoforum, stage H, booth D2 (IPEC)
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Ecology of Big City 2016. Floor plan

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