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Pipe Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) successfully commissioned at JSC Trubodetal


At the industrial site of ​​Trubodetal (Chelyabinsk) the used pipelines deep cleaning installation based on thermolysis technology was successfully put into operation. Supplier of TCP plant became IPEC.

Low temperature pyrolysis process is capable to remove resistant corrosive bloom, organic nature deposits, and the old layers of paint coatings from all areas of steel structures in depth, including inaccessible ones, without the use of additional cleaning components.

The absence of mechanical action does not violate the integrity of metal products while preserving the original form. This allows extending the life of pipes, bends and other parts of pipe systems and facilitates the application of new coatings.

Like all of the IPEC production equipment, Pipe Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) is environmentally friendly.

Pipe Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) of JSC Trubodetal is a part of new technological complex of anti-corrosion epoxy powder coating application, and epoxy-phenolic or phenolic primer on the part of the pipeline in order to extend the service life and protect against aggressive environments. The complex is run as part of the import substitution program.

Pipe Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) Pipe Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP)

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