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Plastics recycling: continuous pyrolysis technology based on TDP-2 unit with rotating furnace


[…] Plastics are an amazing group of materials with a variety of properties that have long served people. The invention of the first artificial material, celluloid, dates back to 1855. The second breakthrough was bakelite, invented in 1907 by Leo Bakeland. Since then, plastic has penetrated into absolutely all aspects of human life and has become absolutely indispensable. And, as usual, he slowly began to dictate its terms. Today, plastic takes up 8% of all produced oil, half of which is used for production and half for recycling.

Waste plastic, which amount increases at the rate of rolling snowball, is poorly recyclable: for example, only 7% of plastic packaging is recycled using different technologies. Although, if we analyze these figures, we find that the EU, for example, sends such waste to low-income countries and considers it recycled, while the real fate of this waste is simply impossible to be traced. The champion in plastic recycling is Taiwan, where the recycling rate of plastic waste reaches 55%. […]

The IPEC team offers an innovative solution for plastics processing – Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2 with rotating reactor. The new design of the dynamic furnace will ensure a long period of time for waste materials to remain in the reactor, respectively – their more efficient heating.

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Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-1000 with rotating furnace in TDP Catalogue

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