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TDP-2-2000 utilizes shale-processing waste


IPEC entered into an agreement with one of the leading enterprises for the production of shale oil and shale-chemical products in Estonia to manufacture and supply Thermal Decomposition Plant. The complex based on two pyrolysis units TDP-2-2000, with a capacity of at least 1500 kg/h each, is designed for processing finely divided ash-bearing fuel. This waste is formed during the filtration of shale resins and contains a high percentage of mechanical impurities, tar and gasoline, which is carcinogen, toxicant, and extremely dangerous for humans and the environment.

The Thermal Decomposition Plant will ensure efficient and safe processing of solid fuel due to pyrolysis technology – the decomposition of organic raw materials into low-molecular components. Products of processing will be pyrolysis gas, liquid boiler fuel and dry residue. Automated fuel supply system will allow continuous operation.

Upon completion of the production work, IPEC specialists will conduct the installation, commissioning, warranty tests and training of the Customer’s personnel. The first installation of the Plant will be launched before the end of this year, the launch of the second node is scheduled for mid-2018.

Recall that TDP-2 plants have an international certificate of compliance with the requirements of the European Directive “On the safety of machinery and equipment” (2006/42/EC), this will allow unhindered delivery of equipment to the Customer’s site.

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