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The continuous pyrolysis plant UTD-2-800 is ready for shipment to Krasnoyarsk


In the limits of the Contract for manufacturing and delivery of the thermal decomposition equipment series i-PEC company shipped UTD-2-800 pyrolysis plant of continuous operation to the client in Krasnoyarsk region.

This equipment is designed for operation within large scale oil-gas production waste utilization facility. Waste from wells (drilling waste and other) will serve as a raw material for secondary fuel  production. another product of the plant is a dried sub soil.

The thermal decomposition plant is manufactured within the Safe Technologies Industrial Group at its own premises. Another shipment of the pyrolysis equipment is being assembled there, the unique plant with the designed capacity of 2000 kg per hour among them. This UTD-2 modification involves conceptually new solutions.

The continuous pyrolysis plant UTD-2-800 The continuous pyrolysis plant UTD-2-800

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