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The innovation of IPEC was successfully tested and commissioned


The latest innovation born inside of the IPEC company and manufactured by Safe Technologies Industrial Group, that is, Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2 has been successfully tested and commissioned. This unique equipment was manufactured for GAZPROM NEFT and installed at Vyngapurovskoye oil-gas field at the drilling and oil sludge landfill site.

The plant converts up to 1,5 ton of drilling muds per hour in continuous mode, the outputs of the process are synthetic liquid fuel and dry residue, where the hydrocarbon content is less than 1%.

Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant is not just yet another innovation, it is a huge step forward compared to the existing pyrolysis units of batch or semi-continuous modes. The continuous operation raises the equipment performance and provides fully automatic process mode, which increases the effectiveness and decreases the personnel involvement.

Not so many foreign companies provide such solution on international market. Even the existing facilities could not compete with the TDP-2 performance and operational costs.

For reference:

Vyngapurovskoye oil-gas field belongs to Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Tyumen Region, and is one of the largest oil-gas fields of GAZPROM NEFT.

TDP-2, oil sludge treatment

TDP-2, oil sludge treatmentTDP-2, oil sludge treatment

TDP-2, oil sludge treatment

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