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Processing of drilling wastes: TDP-2-2000 unit increased volumes up to 50 tons per day

Drilling mud treatment plant TDP-2-2000, put into operation this summer, is successfully operating at the the Kuyumbinsk oil and gas field of OAO NGK Slavneft. About 2 tons of waste per hour is the capacity of the IPEC continuous pyrolysis plant. The... 

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Deliveries of TDP-2-2000 continuous mode pyrolysis furnace to Europe have continued without fail

A second batch of the shale sludge waste management complex for the Viru Keemia Grupp (Estonia) was shipped from the IPEC production site: a condensing assembly and an operator control unit. A distinctive feature of the condensation assembly from the... 

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The unified waste management facility was implemented for the first time at the site of the PhosAgro enterprise (VIDEO!)

PhosAgro Group together with the administration of the Murmansk region launched a large-scale project within the framework of the agreement on environmental safety. It is symbolic that directions of environmental protection so important for the region... 

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CAT tires and industrial waste management facility launched! Media Review

The problem of finding the best technologies for the disposal of CAT tires is very relevant. Until recently as we speak, it all boiled down to landfilling or burning. However, it is widely known how much these two methods are harmful to surrounding ecosystems... 

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TDP utilizes oil sludge at the new landfill in Komi: media about large-scale environmental project

The construction of a landfill for the processing of oil sludge at the Shchelyaure oilfield is stipulated in the agreement on interaction between the PJSC LUKOIL and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia to reduce the negative impact... 

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Nutshell into commodity sorbent (activated carbon) processing at the pyrolysis unit TDP-2-200. VIDEO!

Recall that in early July, a pilot test was carried out on pistachio shells processing into a commercial product — activated carbon at continuous pyrolysis unit TDP-2-200. The process was carried out in two stages: first, the raw materials (nutshells)... 

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TDP-2-2000 pyrolysis plant delivered to customer in European Union

Shipment of a high-performance Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2-2000) to customer in Estonia marked IPEC‘s entry the European Union market. The results of the acceptance of equipment at the production site of Safe Technologies Industrial Group... 

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Nutshells as commodity sorbent: raw materials processing at TDP-2-200 followed by activation showed positive results

Experts of the company started developing new direction — nutshell to activated carbon recycling. The process is carried out in two stages: Stage I — pyrolysis of waste at TDP plant to produce a carbon residue; Stage II — activation... 

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The first in Russia high capacity pyrolysis plant TDP-2-2000 put into operation at Kuyumbinskoye oil-gas field

The BT-Promotkhody success made possible prolongation of the contract with OAO NGK Slavneft in 2017. Aside from two successfully operating pyrolysis plants TPD-2-800, the new TDP-2-2000 of IPEC Company make was put into operation at the premises of BT-Promotkhody... 

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TDP-2-2000 utilizes shale-processing waste

IPEC entered into an agreement with one of the leading enterprises for the production of shale oil and shale-chemical products in Estonia to manufacture and supply Thermal Decomposition Plant. The complex based on two pyrolysis units TDP-2-2000, with... 

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