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Acid tar neutralization: challenges and solutions (VIDEO!)

Acid tars are toxic liquid or semi-liquid residues of mixed chemical composition: unsaturated hydrocarbons, sulfuric acid, water and some other components. This sludge arises from the refining of oils by the concentrated sulfuric acids. The waste materials... 

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All about tyre recycling

Modern civilization is not able to exist without rubber goods, and only used rubber, in particular tyres, we seem to be iniquity. Meanwhile, rubber products can also be very useful to humanity as a source of energy. The tire laid in a landfill is decomposed... 

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Pyrolysis of tyres. Five facts about rubber processing

Pyrolysis, thermal degradation, is the rubber and used tyres treatment technology based on thermal destruction of raw materials under the high temperatures and lack of oxygen into the products with the smaller molecular mass: liquid pyrolysis oil, carbon... 

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The move from incineration to pyrolysis is evidential at waste thermal treatment, since the pyrolysis is capable to reduce the accumulated amount of waste from the process as to get valuable products. Besides, pyrolysis technology has generally much less... 

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Pyrolysis plant disasters

Safety in pyrolysis plants became an essential and increasingly important environmental and health security issue since the numerous people were seriously injured or died due to explosion caused by pyrolysis plant operation. The burning of the hydrocarbon... 

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Why do not choose plain sailing? The new acid sludge thermal treatment technology

Acid sludge (also referred to acid tar) is one of the main type of oil refining industry waste. It is formed by the purification of petroleum products, apparatuses and tanks by concentrated sulfuric acid. Refinery acid sludge is highly viscous tar-like... 

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Disposal of scrap tires

Industrial progress, the emergence of new manufacturing facilities will inevitably lead to an increase of industrial and household wastes. A significant part of it consists of rubber waste: gaskets, hoses, conveyor belts, rubber rugs, protective clothing,... 

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Pyrolysis from A to Z (part 3)

Prospects of the pyrolysis process development in Russia (‘Plan 2030’) Speaking of pyrolysis as a process one must have in mind its goals: pyrolysis as a waste utilization process or pyrolysis as a conversion of waste to certain chemical feedstock... 

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Pyrolysis from A to Z (part 2)

Waste processing technologies and plants Pyrolysis process is conducted in dedicated heating equipment. It has 2 main areas where 2 stages of the process are carried out. The pyrolysis is divided to radiation and convection. The pyrolysis itself is conducted... 

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Pyrolysis from A to Z (part1)

Pyrolysis: basics Pyrolysis is based on thermal breakdown of hydrocarbon waste to produce fuel products or either chemical feedstock. Pyrolysis process is a new generation of conversion technologies presented and researched in the world waste management... 

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